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How to distinguish bags are not environmentally friendly bags ?
Supermarket shopping bags are said to be supplied bags , how to distinguish ? Empty bag into the water, sinking is environmentally friendly bags.
Bags benefits:
Supported only partially reduce bags white pollution , the real root of the EFA , against production of white pollution sources is a good way to solve .

Non- hazard bags
Original: Sanitation experts pointed out that although the non-green bags bring a lot of convenience to the public , but on the other hand gave pollute the environment , and some non-green bags can not be used to hold foods that are harmful to human health hazards can not be underestimated . Medical experts point out , the food , especially cooked food , after using non-green bags , often perishable , people eating such spoiled food , the easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of food poisoning . In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases, due to the long-term accumulation in the sealed bags , sealed with concentration increases with time , resulting in the bag of food subject to different degrees of pollution, impact on children''s health and development is particularly prominent .
Stalls frequently used color on the non-green bags particularly deep , with great harm . It is made of recycled waste plastics re- processed, and great harm to human body , can not be directly used to hold imported food ; Also , you can not use PVC products store alcoholic foods, oily foods, or bag lead will be integrated into the food ; while this non- green bags can not put the temperature at 50 ° C or more foods.
Environmental experts point out that the market now use some non-green bags containing food is not allowed . There are three non-green bags : one is neither stick the skin, they can not put food can only be used to hold supplies ; one kind used to hold clothing ; There is also a reluctance to hold the food available . Some plastic products by adding a stabilizing agent , which is added to the main lead stearate stabilizer , lead poisoning can result in savings .
Line pointed out that currently on the market and use of non-green bags , mostly around the small business or home workshop production , a considerable number are recycled plastic products , the use of the closing dumpster pick of waste plastics , industrial waste and medical bodies discarded plastic waste recycling processing without disinfection , it privately to its processing into food bags on the market.
These recycled plastics contain pathogens and carcinogens seriously overweight , with this plastic packaging directly imported cooked food on the health of consumers have extremely serious consequences. Such a large number of non-green bags containing the bacteria can not be seen by the naked eye , such as long-term use of disposable plastic grocery bags can easily lead to chronic food poisoning.
In this regard , the public can use some of the following methods of non- toxic and non-toxic and environmentally friendly bags for detection:
Sensory test : non-toxic non-green bags milky white , translucent, or colorless transparent, flexible , feel lubrication, surface like wax ; non- toxic bags cloudy or yellowish color , feel sticky.
Water detection : the non-green bags placed in the water and press into the bottom , the proportion of non-toxic and non- small bags can be surfaced, non- toxic and environmentally friendly bags heavy, sinking.
Jitter detection method : Hold the end of non-green bags shaking force , issued by the crisp sound non-toxic ; muffled toxic astringent .
Fire detection: non -toxic polyethylene bags flammable, flame was blue, yellow top , burning like a candle , like tears dripping with paraffin smell , smoke less ; non- toxic PVC bags is not flammable, from the fire is put out , the flame is yellow , the bottom of the green , softening can be brushed with hydrochloric acid, pungent odor .

With economic development , go to the supermarket shopping has become an indispensable part of modern life , and people have become accustomed to free provision of non- supermarket bags . It is noteworthy that , our non-green bags consumption is gradually increased , packaging materials plastic packaging accounts for one third of total annual production of plastic packaging materials including Shanghai up to 15 tons. These colorful , large and small non-green bags for environmental damage is undoubtedly amazing .
Non- bags What harm ?

Non-green bags to the environment caused by pollution mainly " visual pollution " and " potential harm ." Among them, the " visual pollution " means cityscape destruction , is the " white pollution" the most prominent . " Potential hazard " means waste plastic products into the natural environment, its difficult to bring long-term environmental degradation problems . Plastic structural stability, not easy to be a natural microbial destruction, which means waste plastic recycling garbage , if not , will become contaminants in the environment and accumulate permanent presence . It will not only affect the development of industrial and agricultural production , threatening animals living environment, but also because of improper handling affecting the sustainable use of land and other organic waste utilization.
In fact , many people have realized the dangers of non-green bags , in order to reduce pollution, they will not re-use bags , such as used to hold garbage or go to farms to buy food with . However, the efforts of ordinary citizens alone is not enough , the family is always non-green bags piled up , accumulate much faster than the rate of consumption , many non- green bags or be discarded as waste . To reduce the dangers of non-green bags , but also the city a cleaner environment , only start from the source to reduce the release of non-green bags ......

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