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With the concept of environmental protection increasingly popular , more and more public awareness of abuse of plastic bags will cause enormous damage to the environment , so many people refuse to use plastic bags when shopping . According to the Associated Press reported on the 7th , the world''s top designers have to seize this opportunity, have introduced environmentally friendly fashion shopping bag , making the original as only useful reusable shopping bags became fashionable products.
There are many home shopping bags idle usefulness :
There are many idle at home if it is plastic shopping bags as garbage bags can be used , more refined, stylish pouch can be used as , for example, installed scarves , socks and the like or not commonly used to hold things , this is more easy to save and Find .
Bring Your Own Bag
Generally non-degradable plastics , discarded after the formation of white pollution .
In fact, the level of recycling in our country is very high, the vast number of discarded plastic bags are scavengers take away , and recycled for use.
Shopping bags from the back , of course, be encouraged, at least fostered a concept of environmental protection .

Benefits of using reusable shopping bags

Today is No Plastic Bag Day , could put this bag on your friend''s bag it ? "In the Hing Wah Shopping Centre stores in a bag , the clerk pointed to the people carrying a big bag of Ms. Lin friend said ." Never mind, I directly carrying on the line ! " After Ms. Lin said that fewer plastic bags for environmentally beneficial , and should support .
5 November morning, a similar scene in the Chancheng occur within several shopping malls . According to reports, the day including Campo dei Fiori , Hing Wah Shopping Centre , excellent Shopping Center shopping plaza , including three over 200 types of businesses , as well as Jusco, a new good, people run , Trust-Mart supermarket chain four common response , I fully support the day . " no Plastic Bag Day . " " To plastic bags SAYNO" propaganda signs everywhere .
" First held such an event , basically achieve the desired goal," Young Volunteers Association Chancheng Yang Tao said that , according to the merchants who offer weekend flow calculation , participating malls Day weekend crowd of about 15 people so, according to the proportion of compliance with the guidelines of the respondents , about 13 million people in reducing the use of about 140,000 bags, reducing the use of an average of 1.1 plastic bags.
According Chancheng Youth Volunteers Association yesterday''s scene investigation revealed that 98.78% of the people in favor of " No Plastic Bag Day" to implement .
Businesses support the " No Plastic Bag Day"
" Beneficial to the community to reduce the use of plastic bags , shopping malls will continue to support , " Schmidt mall official said , from the response " No Plastic Bag Day " began, Hing Wah Shopping Centre begins promoters , shopping malls publicity , vendors three links implemented to reduce the use of plastic bags environmental philosophy . Currently, the use of plastic bags counters remaining 20%.
Campo dei Fiori Watson''s store official said , the implementation of No Plastic Bag Day activities , had no effect on the store business , Watson is also very supportive of the event. Reporters learned that, did not implement the " No Plastic Bag Day " campaign before the store would use up a daily average of about 300 plastic bags , the introduction of multiple purchases of items of little value to send promotional bags , the " use of the number of plastic bags now have significantly reduced ! "
It is understood that compensation for the use shopping bags in a foreign country is a normal thing, many countries in Europe , supermarket shopping bags for a small fee , and then use the proceeds to charity are also very common. In China, in order to reduce the "white trash" , Hangzhou Mart has recently started charging for plastic bags , and some supermarkets in Beijing and Shanghai have also been taken to the shopping bag fee to encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags. But the reporter has learned , Foshan, there is no compensation for the use proposed supermarket plastic bags.

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