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Packaging design for the product packaging and design. From a marketing point of view the concept of integrated communication , blister packaging design has not only a part of product sales , it has become an irreplaceable marketing important medium of communication with consumers as the final hurdle , has a pivotal effect. Modern packaging has simple protection to accommodate functions to develop into a bridge of communication between production and consumption , integration of industrial production , science and technology, culture and arts, folk style and other elements of the package as a whole , not only to protect , promotional merchandise , but also promotional merchandise and raise their added value. Molding friction affect the appearance of the packaging design concept through a certain location, extraordinary artistic language , and ultimately to consumers because the product packaging and on products from the spiritual to achieve resonance, in order to meet the overall demand for consumer psychology . As economist Dusen • Bai Rui said: "In humans involved in various activities , you can find the decisive influence of culture , whether it is buying the product , or product manufacturing and sales ; whether it is providing material way , or spiritual enjoyment , constitute our way of life . " modern packaging design has not only satisfied to convey product information , but also to disseminate specific consumer culture.
Contact to today ''s modern and contemporary packaging design and is very prominent problem. Relative to the product packaging is the first direct expression of the characteristics to consumers , it must have its own packaging era representative . For example, today we can still see the Chinese Cultural Revolution packaging mostly with intense red to packaged goods . This is a historical period, the impact of age on the packaging of goods and commodities reflect on the characteristics of the times . The mention of modern packaging , it is very broad discussion of it. By modern people''s living standards and aesthetic concepts to decide. I think the " modern " is to exceed our current aesthetic level , for people who are unwilling to accept new things , the " modern " is undesirable. But , fortunately, a sense of innovation has been deep-rooted in the ground around us solid . People have realized there would be no innovation and development . So, we are to accept new things and accept new ideas. So now some special very advanced design is gradually accepted by everyone . However, we accept new things at the same time can not forget the traditional elements. Color, pattern and material approached people have left us more experience points . Fine ceramic jug , with national representative of the pattern of ethnic characteristics of the text. These can appear on the packaging design will bring us visual enjoyment.
Consumer culture increasingly affecting people''s cultural life , people on the product packaging artistic, cultural more in demand than ever more urgent . Packaging Blister Forming the heating temperature control design as an important cultural phenomenon, has become conscious of human behavior in economic activities , in the course of its development should be the last product packaging sublimation higher level of cultural packaging . American psychology and behavioral scientists Maslow ''s needs into five categories, demand for these five categories are interrelated , the relationship between progressive layers , according to their importance and the order of occurrence , arranged in a required Level mode , as follows: physiological needs , safety needs, social needs, respect needs, self-actualization needs . Maslow''s " hierarchy of needs " describes as demand increased , people of culture and cultural atmosphere of the connotations are increasingly high requirements . And cultural characteristics known to lose will lose existence value specialty , a nation can maintain their own cultural personality is its ability to process of integration in the global civilization, a prerequisite to obtain identity cards . Thus, modern marketing , only unique cultural style of product packaging, in order to stimulate consumer cultural identity and resonance ; only in a variety of cultural and artistic trend, seeking with Chinese characteristics, packaging design, in order to ultimately promote product competition and sales.

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