Product Name: Square Bottom Bag
Application: pet food bags, seed bags, fertilizer bags, particles goods or powdered goods, snack food bags, daily using packing bags etc,
Product Features:
            1. A  flat bottom, standing firm, just like the tray for easy storage, and beautiful appearance;
            2. On both sides of the bag its printing using high-speed gravure printing process, overprint deviation is low, beautifully printed ,and to let the bags more attractive.
            3. Five printing surface, there is plenty of space for the manufacturers and product designers for product descriptions and designs;
            4. The top of the bag with incidental re-sealing zipper, both for the convenience of consumers reuse, while maintaining the quality and not easy to solidification for the abstersion powder ;
            5. Functional design techniques applied to personalized, specific needs, such as through the use of different composite material structure and additional features to cope with different pet food: withstand voltage degree pressure below the air barrier, moisture barrier, light barrier, etc.
            6.Flexible, material selection changes, personalized design style to selection MattOPP or MattPET, to achieve the elimination glossy / matte / frosted effect, more stylish and more creative packaging make to highlight its brand image.  



Thickness : 0.045- 0.150 mm or customized. 

Delivery day : no printing sample  5 - 7   days

                        printing sample       10 - 15   days   


Printing : Our company is equipped with several high speed printing machine,which guarantee for the high-quality.


Certification : SGS, FDA,RPHS, QS.


The main products : Doypack bag,Zipper Doypack bag,Nozzle bag,K-Seal Doypack bag,Roll film,Fin/lap seal bag,Three-side seal bag,

Quad seal bag,Fin/lap seal with gusset bag,Shrink label,irregular bag,etc.

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