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In order to adapt to the needs of the development of the company, to establish the image of the company to meet the customers understand the company''s products through a network to understand the needs of the company, the company decided to build a new website. After nearly two months of preparations, the new website in October 30, 2012, the company finally meet with you.

English website of the company website: Chinese Website:, the current site has been on line, at the same time during the measured and the data is constantly updated, please keep an eye synchronization.

Simple and elegant design layout for the inside pages of the company''''''''''''''''s new website, so customers can have a more comfortable viewing site content is rich and detailed, and allows customers to locate products quickly and efficiently to be found, and a clear understanding of the product information. More clearly understand the company''s latest developments, the company''s products and culture, and so on.

Interactive website. Website to strengthen communication with customers, promote their products, companies can establish a convenient channel of communication with customers through the website; grasp the needs of customers in order to better understand the views of customers, the website dedicated Guestbook online QQ, skype online direct communication functions while increasing customer complaints suggestion feature, you can listen to customer feedback to understand the voice of the customer, and to strengthen the links between the company and its customers and establish good customer relations.

Finally, once again, congratulations to the companys new Web site on-line, are welcome to provide valuable advice!

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