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      As the fast development of the culture and society in China, more and more companies count the importance of the food packaging.We all knows that the packaging has been a marketing tool to improve the brand and a way to access to larger market. 

     A lot of companies make their effort to design more new packaging design to meet differnt market requirement, both at home and abroad.The new design including the new bag type and the new printing design.

The new bag type includes the normal side sealing bag, the center sealing bag, the doy-bag, the stand up bag,the nozzle bag and the square bottom bags.ect.

     Also, besides the new bag type and the new printing design , more and more customers and buyers need the top quality goods. For the food packaging, the safety always lines in number one.

    In this situation, I think if a company wants to improve the brand and  the market access, they have to notice and improve the food packaging safety.

                                                                                                                    Jessica  Mo




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