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With the rapid development of the times, the pace of life of the people continued to accelerate, which also prompted the fast food industry ....... Come to the fore in the number of peer competitors, "Master Kong instant noodles always adhere to the and based real materials, and to adapt to the different tastes and needs of consumers around the corresponding introduction of new products, the majority of consumers acclaimed.
Division I this and Tingyi our recognition and trust, but also can not be separated from our corporate philosophy has always insisted on the "built class enterprises, a well-known brand".
The cooperation project is Tingyi the old altar pickled beef noodles bags printed bags direct packaging food, printing, our company has imported automatic computer overprint system 10-color high-speed gravure printing machine, in order to ensure a more attractive meticulous; same time we will use a safe, non-toxic materials, so that customers feel relieved, and consumer confidence.
Force Core packaging Thanks again for the trust and recognition of Tingyi, welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to our company to negotiate the exchange.
(Above by specializing in the production of various bags force Core wants to know more about food packaging bags, coffee bags, composite bags and other related information, welcomed the calls:020-87505298. )

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